Building Strength; Step by Step.

I decided to take a little break from my NuSkin vitamins after I discovered that I had taken a double dose everyday of pills 😮 So no wonder I started to feel a bit weird physically! You also have to take these vitamin pills during meals and while drinking plenty of fluids, so yes I felt a bit silly, not having read through things properly 😮 I guess I was too excited 😛

Anyway, I’m back on the vitamins now and it is certainly something that I would recommend! Everyone else around me has been sick; but I didn’t catch the cold/flu at all! Ha-ha!

My energy levels are slowly coming back to normal as well!

I was so happy when I could actually sit around the table and partake in the Thanksgiving celebration this year! It was during Thanksgiving last year that I felt the first symptoms of the parasite I’ve been plagued with.

It has been a nightmare dealing with the aftermath of the Crypto, I must say.

The other day I started jogging a bit, just a little but it felt amazing to feel the rush.

I’ve also been doing some strength exercises for my shoulder since I’m getting back to playing after having been injured since February this year!

It’s not easy getting back into the saddle, it all boils down to your mentality after all.

I’ve received more boxes with awesome NuSkin products; so if you are keen on trying out some really high quality vitamins just give me a shout as I’ve actually been signed up to be part of this exciting new business model. The Anti-Ageing Industry is booming! Don’t miss out as you can be part of it too!!!! 😉


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