Fighting Acne, Fatigue & Ageing!

If you keep an eye on health-trends then you’ve probably picked up on the idea of healing the body from the inside out! I read about how the wealthy eat plenty of vitamin & mineral pills a while ago, as this apparently prolongs your life while improving your overall health. I also saw it mentioned somewhere that pop-star Katy Perry downs lots of vitamin pills too, around 24 everyday I think it was. Earlier this year I got myself a glass of collagen-pills as this is the latest craze on the market, but these type of inside-out treatments aren’t exactly cheap to keep up! Earlier this year I was recommended “vitamin-therapy,” this time from a family friend, who is an alternative doctor. Vitamins can fight acne and improve your skin; it is also important to keep in mind that collagen production starts going down once you enter into your late twenties.

It turns out that my dad had also heard of these latest health-trends funny enough, resulting in him teaming up with a very well-respected brand which offers high-quality products based on genetic research. I guess he wanted to be part of the anti-ageing boom, as this industry is predicted to become huge. The philosophy is to create the optimal solution by focusing on ” Youth Gene Clusters.” I couldn’t help but smirk a bit when I saw that, as I’ve been reading quite a lot about “clusters” this year in relation to ethnicities/races! To those of you who might find this boring or controversial, guess what? This type of scientific research can benefit us all when it comes to anti-ageing products, etc.


Thankfully I received a box of these goodies and have now commenced an experiment to see how this all works out 😉 After months of being ill after an annoying Parasite, in addition to a shoulder injury, I’m eager to get back into form! I started to notice an increase in vitality after only some days of being on these little miracle workers. I’ve been on and off though, as habits are a bitch to keep up. So now I’m reining myself in again. What is the downside of these pills you might ask? Well you can only buy them via other people, I can give you a hand if you are interested in trying them out 😮 This is a pretty cool company from what I’ve gathered as they have lots of natural high-quality products and little “beauty machines” that I’m dying to get my hands on. I’d never heard of them until I just randomly tried one of their shampoos earlier this year and I was like: “what’s this? Where do I buy this?” Only to find out that; no. You can’t just go down and get it at the local supermarket,  you have to get it through another person 😮

A bit odd, but then I guess this is something you can pull off if you create something fancy, the company is huge, yet pretty secret. They never have a sale, as they feel that their products are too good to reduce the price, you can however get a discount if you get signed up by your “sponsor.” So yes, not exactly like these mainstream brands that you run into at the mall, you can actually become part of this anti-ageing boom. I’m thinking that this is a clever concept to be associated with as people have been looking for the “elixir of life” since the dawn of man. If curious you can give me a shout! I’m certainly happy and will use these vitamins everyday now until they run out while documenting the experience!

I cannot wait to get my hands on more of their products, but you gotta start somewhere and inside-out-healing is what everyone is buzzing about! While beauticians are recommending Botox once you hit 25, I’m guessing that vitamins/minerals are a much healthier alternative. I’ve seen how weird these young bloggers end up looking when their face is filled with fillers before hitting 30 :/ Nobody knows the long-term health effects of this either, an important thing to keep in mind!!!

What I instantly noticed when I opened up my box with Marine Omega was the colour. Such a deep orange, in addition to quite a hefty odour, which instantly made me wonder about the quality of what I’d previously bought over at Boots, since those had a faint, yellowish look and no smell at all. Previously this year I read somewhere that there are many who use “old fish oil” in capsules, which is horrible because they’ll have no effect if that’s the case! I’m trusting that these ones are the real deal, due to the smell, after-taste & colour.





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