Welcome To My New-Blog ;)

I’ve started a new blog dedicated to health and well-being. I will start by documenting my road to recovery after having suffered from a shoulder injury, in addition to post-infectious-syndrome 🙂 I’m basically in the “rehab-phase” as far as strengthening my shoulder is concerned.

On my other blog I’ve also written about my battles with acne and these posts have proven very popular indeed! As I embark on a new treatment-method I’ll document the results on here!

Since my other writing has become more centred on opinion pieces and the current political situation in Europe, I thought that a separation between social commentaries and health could be a good idea.

Ultimately I hope that I can help and inspire others with my posts!

I’m wishing you all the best! Cheers ❤



What Happened?

Journaling my recovery did not quite go as planned!

First of all there were too many ups and downs and I had to be very selective with what I spent my energy on!

I feel like I’ve gained a lot of insight into a number of neglected issues while I was ill, so there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if one chooses to be optimistic!

My plan for this year is to start a new YouTube channel that has nothing to do with my music and what I do professionally. I think that this is a good idea since my primary audience is centred a 100% around my work!

My video blog endeavour will be an extension of my other blog “The Daily Walk” where my most popular entries have proven to be the ones about self-help and beauty!

Mental training certainly interests me but I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to typically girly topics I’m afraid!

Yet it is these types of entries that appeal the most to people. Writing about politics, the news or books cannot really compete with life-updates, selfies and how to entries. Rather than feeling discouraged about this I’ve decided to let that colour my direction.

It could very well be that this blog ends up being a “drone blog“ where I just link to my vlog videos once I get started!

Now I have the flu so no videos for me! I just wanted to make an update since my 2nd blog (this one) ended up collecting digital dust!